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Veracious Reality

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The point being, when it's men, we – meaning straight women – tend to find it titillating, exotic, arousing in its very forbiddance. We – meaning Harry Potter fangirls – also tend to react as if somebody dropped a snake in the bed. That is, lick our lips and think, Yum, Parselsmut.

–"Why fangirls frighten some fans of 'Harry Potter'" by lilian_cho, The Veracious, Jan. 10, 2006

(Based on Leonard Pitts Jr.'s Miami Herald article)

About a Girl A Woman, Really tl;dr Interests Credits

lilian_cho is under the delusion that she can live on the word of fiction alone. She's been over the age of consent and the alcohol-buying age for years now, to her mixed delight. A Harry Potter fangirl (Draco <333 *SQUEE*) since 2005, she has been lurking in the corners of Merlin fandom since December 2008.

A voracious consumer of Draco-centric fanfictions, she also enjoys reading about Snape and just about any SlutSlytherin, really.

In addition to consuming, she also produces fanfiction (drabbles, one-shots, crack!fiction and the occasional poetry), fanfic recs (Itty Bitty Recs), theories, RP summaries, book recs, snap movie reviews, fav. quotes lists, how-tos, video/animation rec, and the occasional fanart.

Despite of annoying pop-ups, she has been a relapsing Internet-olic for the last eight years of her twenty-something years. Had she discovered LJ sooner, she probably wouldn't have earned her B.A. (Okay so that's a lie. Studying makes her happy like the nerd scholarly person she is.)

Words are the key to immortality, she believes. Since written word is the prerequisite of civilization, she goes into berserk beta mode inwardly fumes whenever a word is misspelled or used incorrectly.

She is strangely compelled to try out food and drinks that she read about in books, manga and fanfiction.

An eerily accurate quizilla result:

“You're a Gryffinclaw!:
You are a determined and intelligent person who is used to getting your own way all the time.
You are very passionate about your beliefs and will defend them until your last breath. […]
You often have a very low tolerance for people you consider of low intelligence.
Although you aren't a social butterfly, you don't have trouble making friends […]
Your weakness is that sometimes you can be insensitive[;] you're too busy being witty that you don't realize that you're hurting people’s feelings, often your friends[’].
With the wit of a Ravenclaw and the passion of a Gryffindor you can face all your battles in life head on!”

androgyny (アンドロジニー), anime (アニメ), AU!fanfic (AU!Sorting, Muggle Boarding School, Pastiche), authors (作家), bento, Bible, books (本), C.S. Lewis, childhood (子供時代), children’s lit, Christianity (キリスト教), comp lit (比較文献), culture (文学), doujinshi (同人誌), Draco Malfoy, dream (夢), Engl Lit (英文), fairy tales (おとぎ話), fanart, fandom, fanfic (ファンフィクション), fantasy, flying, folklore, footnotes, friendship (友情), Good Omens, Harry Potter (ハリー・ポッター), heaven (天国), history (歴史), journalism (ジャーナリズム), languages (日本語, 中国語), legend, Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince, 小王子, 星の王子さま), Lord of the Rings, love (熱情), Lucius Malfoy, manga (漫画), Merlin, metafiction, music (音楽), myth (神話), Narnia, paradise (楽園), Parseltongue, picture books (絵本), poetry (詩歌), posh blond English boys, Potions, quotes, roleplay (ロールプレイ), Scorpius Malfoy, Severus Snape, Shakespeare (シェークスピア), Slytherins, subtext, sushi (寿司), twins, uniform, Valantin Toreth, words, writing, 幾米 (Jimmy).

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If she has not sent you running away scared, go ahead and lurk. Or stalk.
If you friend her and would like her to friend you back, leave a comment. De-friend at will; an explanation is nice but not necessary.

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