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V for Vendetta, Fav. Writers Meme, H/D Drabbles

1. I just watched V for Vendetta yesterday. And I love it the absolutest bestest <333
Why didn't someone hit me over the head and make me watch it? Why, why?
F-list, link me to your V for Vendetta entries plzkthx. Also, I'm in dire need of V for Vendetta icons. Anyone?

2. "The Boy Who Saved Time"--a v. cute book by willowgreen and her son, made with this. :-D

3. Meme gacked from emmagrant01

This weekend, pick out three of your favorite writers, those you’ve been reading regularly --- probably for *years* ---and send them a private note telling them you’re out there. Just that. Even if you’ve never, ever done it before. Even if you write yourself.

I've fangirled given feedback to kc_anathema here. Hmmm and empathic_siren's Draco's Boy here. One more to go...perhaps I should write charlotteschaos...I am shamelessly enjoying her Gay Aurors after all X-D

[This can be read as a prequel to "People Like Us"]

Draco stared at the bottom of his scotch glass, not remembering when he finished it.

After four sleepless nights, he had been having memory blackouts more and more often. The fire liquid that he consumed didn't help any, of course.

He couldn't understand it; after years of devoting himself to Potions research, he failed at the critical stage of a crucial potion. He could only say good-bye to his dream of becoming a Potions Master at age 20.

He's a disgrace to Malfoys everywhere. Meanwhile, Potter had become a hotshot Auror tracking down ex-Death Eaters in Europe. Draco frowned disconsolately.

ETA 03/27/08: Fluff drabble removed because I got sick of how sweet it is D:

ETA 02/16/07: Added a third limerick, featuring Lucius.

"Artemis the magic dragon
likes to ride a tea wagon--"
So little Draco says
with his cute baby face,
"while Nanny drowns in the flagon."

When she heard of this condition
Narcissa went into conniptions
"No sweet son of mine
will be near such a swine.
Leave this house with your addiction!"

"My dear, patience--,"
Lucius showed uncharacteristic forbearance,
"Come Christmas and pageants
Our sweet heir's hill of presents
will distract him from her absence."

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