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A Prince's Favour (The Rights of Possession Remix) [implied Arthur/Merlin & Uther/Merlin, PG-13]

“A prince’s favour is a precious commodity,” his father once told him before taking his favourite horse away.

Arthur had taken the lesson to heart, doling out equal camaraderie to noblemen’s sons and equal flattery to their daughters.

Except he had slipped horribly—over Merlin, of all people—and it was no use to protest that he’s mine or you gave him to me, because he had not forgotten that Apple was a present when he turned seven.

His father had no rights on his manservant (his friend, his favourite), and still he left marks of possession on Merlin’s skin.

Companion drabble/remix of sophinisba's "Keep Your Head Down" for remixthedrabble.
Audienced by snakeling.

[ LJ | IJ | DW ]
Tags: [merlin], drabbles, remix

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