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"one of my sons went to prison and the other has been shot, has killed a man,

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Jun. 10th, 2009 | 05:07 pm
mood: hungryIt's a strange...texture.

and is currently running for his life," Ethan said, and now his voice was so incongruously pleasant as to be grotesque.

Star Trek XI recs:

1. midnight_city's [fanart] - star trek stuff

It's cute like a v. v. cute, LOLarious thing X-D
Guess the movies! (Hint: both by Pixar =3)
Kid!Spock in a Starfleet summer camp get-up is the BEST THING EVARR <333

2. hollycomb's Sulu/Chekov fics, which I'm totally all over, once I get over the reflexive tic of "Hikaru no Go! Touya Akira!" whenever I read Chekov calling Sulu "Hikaru" ^^;;
2a. Trouble Sleeping (Sulu/Chekov, R)
Summary: Sulu and Chekov sleep in the same bed, but they're never in it at the same time.
How they got together in the end. Sulu PINING. V. sweet <3

2b. Space Sickness (Sulu/Chekov, NC-17)
Summary: Chekov is sick, Sulu is lost on an alien planet, Kirk is a cockblock.
Established relationship. Sweet and h/c and atmospheric and just right *_*

2c. Theoretically (Sulu/Chekov, NC-17)
Summary: Sulu makes Chekov watch the classic American Terminator movies. Chekov has some thoughts.
I wanna watch the new Terminator movie because Anton Yelchin's in it, but apparently it's even more awful than T3? ^^;;

2d. If I Didn't Care (Sulu/Chekov, NC-17)
Summary: Kirk and Chekov have a harrowing experience together on a dangerous planet, and Sulu is definitely not jealous.

If you only have time to read two, read the first two. If you only have time to read one, read "Space Sickness."

Sulu pining *_* Chekov seducing Sulu >=D

3. rageprufrock's new WIP: Discourses in Management (Lab), pt 1/? (PG-13, for language)
Summary: “How’s it going?” the instructor asks, her voice a harmony, hovering nearby. / "Futilely,” Spock volunteers at the same time Jim says, “Shitty.”

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