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Fic & Drabbles Masterlist (Harry Potter)

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Dec. 26th, 2007 | 12:28 am
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My Merlin, Teen Wolf (and other non-HP) stuff is here.

As of April 16, 2012, my current HP favorites are:
:♥: "The Sounds of Water," Draco Malfoy gen one-shot, PG-13.
:♥: "Dragon Dreams," Harry/Draco fairy tale, PG-13.
:♥: "Namesake," BBC Merlin/Harry Potter crossover drabble featuring Scorpius.

My cherished-but-frozen-in-time HP WIP, I am Responsible for My Rose is not included here.
My crackfics are not listed here; you can find them here instead.

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Something bugs me about this fic, concrit is appreciated <3
Currently being rewritten

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[Harry Potter gen drabbles] [Slash & pre-slash drabbles] [Het drabbles] [One-shots w/ sequels] [Stand-alones] [X-overs]

HP Gen Drabbles:

"Paperweight," Draco and Lucius gen, backstory to dracolives (The Hogwarts Chronicles, in which Draco Malfoy is the Boy Who Lived).
“If you can have anything your heart desires,” Draco began, voice tentative, “what would you wish for?”

"Late bloomer" & "Fairy Tale," Scorpius and Draco gen.
Scorpius was eight when he could no longer ignore the whispers. Grandfather and dad had been arguing for weeks, and Draco’s face was pinched with worry as they went to St Mungo's for their yearly check-up. The specialist threw around words like "trauma" and "absent maternal influence."

Draco and Shakespeare series: "Shakespeare was a Squib," "Badges," "Sensible Pureblood Practice" and "Happy Marriage." Characters: Draco, Hermione and Pansy.
Growing up, Draco was kept ignorant of all things Muggle except for Shakespeare.

"Golden Strand," Draco and Scorpius.
"Nooo! Not my golden hair!" Scorpius clutched at his braid as if Draco was about to cast Crucio instead of a simple haircut charm.

"The Durmstrang Letter (Another Place Remix)," Ron.
Ron would never admit this to anyone, not Harry and certainly not Hermione, but when he was ten he wrote a letter asking for admission to Durmstrang.

"Present for the Boy," Draco, Teddy, Andromeda.
"Uncle Draco! Where are my presents?" Inquisitive fingers immediately delved into velvet robe folds.

"Teddy Lupin! Where are your manners?"

"Chasing Fairies," Scorpius & Draco.
“Be careful with their wings, Scorpius!” Draco called out as his son darted behind a birch tree.

"Lethe," Draco gen drabble, prequel to "People Like Us." This Draco can be found at dm1980
Draco stared at the bottom of his scotch glass, not remembering when he finished it.

"Freckles," Fred, George, Lee.
It was Lee who first made the discovery in third year. They were pulling their usual “No, I’m George” on him when he paused and scrunched up his forehead.

"In her St. Mungo's ward, Alice dreamt," Alice, baby Neville.
In her St. Mungo’s ward, Alice dreamt 
                          of Humpty Dumpty 
                              tumbling down 
                                    and down 
                                     and down.

"Hospitality Rules," Draco and Narcissa, G.

“Draco, Pansy’s your guest,” Narcissa said. “You should be gracious to guests.”

"Afternoon Tea Conversations," Draco and Narcissa, implied H/D, PG.
He got up and kissed her on the cheek.

"You worry too much, Mother," Draco murmured. "Things will work out, you'll see."

"Princess Lesson," Harry and Lily Luna, G.
Harry fluffed Lily's cloud-soft pillows and put her yellow teddy bear at the headboard. “Princesses stop being royalty when they turn six? I didn't know that.”

"Horcrux Hunt," WIP, cyoa drabble featuring Bill and Draco
A spot of blood dropped into the pooling water on the ground.

"Accidental Discovery," Draco, Pansy, Su Li.
"'He' was a girl!" were the first words out of Draco’s mouth when he returned from his Prefect rounds near the greenhouses.

HP Slash & Pre-slash Drabbles:

"The Bare Necessities (The Perfect Season Remix)," Remus/Draco, Sirius/Remus.

Being stranded in hell with a werewolf is far from ideal, but at least warmth was only a short intoned spell away.

"Namesake," Merlin/Harry Potter drabble featuring Scorpius.
“We have five Harrys and one Albus in our year. I suppose we’re bound to have a Merlin sooner or later.”

Adding a half-stir to his potion, Merlin Emrys gave a noncommittal hum.

"Coming Out," Albus Severus/Scorpius.
“Do I really have to come out to my parents?” He wheedled.

"Keepsake," Harry/Draco pre-slash.
“Out of the three Hallows, why did you choose to keep the Cloak of Invisibility?”

"Hogwarts Express, locked doors and Spiderman," Albus Severus/Scorpius pre-slash.
This is the first meeting of Albus Severus Potter and Scorpius Amaryllis Malfoy from "Love Hopes All Things" (PG-13, One-sided Lily/Scorpius and AS/S. Shades of H/D) -- which I still need to rewrite.
“Wait here. Don’t move a muscle.”

Albus swung his scuffed trainers up and down. Dad just bought them for him last month, and he liked wearing them everywhere he went.

"Sweetaholic," Harry/Draco fluff.
Draco eyed Florean Fortescue’s glass display with the desperate longing of a denied sweetaholic.

"Close the Blinds," H/D, dark!Harry. R for sexual situation.
"Close the blinds," Potter's no-nonsense voice rang in the empty room.

"Mind Games," Padma on H/D, PG-13.
“You know,” Padma said in a thoughtful tone. “I wonder why Harry Potter finds Draco Malfoy’s arse so fascinating.”

"Valentine Dinner," H/D.
“May I take your coat, Mrs Potter?”

“It’s Mr Malfoy actually.”

"It's Only a Whip," H/D, set in the future of "Fantasy Fuck." R for sexual situation.
Harry might have landed himself in Muggle prison with the stunt over his fantasy fuck, but his imagination was bloody tame compared to the deviant sexual scenarios Draco comes up with.

"Coming Out at Christmas," Ron/sexy blond ;-), Bill, Fred, George. Set loosely in the future of "Horcrux Hunt"
"So, Ron--I guess taste for blondes run in the family, huh?"

"A Different Spell (The Out of Thin Air Remix)," Bill/Draco pre-slash.

Under the wide brim of his stupid hat, Draco peered at Weasley the eldest. Was that a jibe at his sufferings as a ferret?

"Salty 'n' Sweet," H/D, the first drabble in the Spa Series.
Draco, face freshly scrubbed, emerged from his bathroom in Slytherin dorms. Harry looked nonplussed. Other than pinkened cheeks against otherwise pale skin, he could see no effect of the ‘beauty treatment.’

HP Het Drabbles:

"It Began with a Dance (The Missed Steps Remix)," Draco/Pansy, Draco/Hermione.
Draco realized he had a crush on Hermione Granger when he first saw her dancing. Who knew the Mudblood would clean up so well?

"Goodwill to All" Draco/Astoria, G.
"Malfoys don't do charity."

Astoria gave him a look that was almost as effective as the Malfoy eyebrow.

"China Doll," Draco/Pansy, Astoria.
“She's like a china doll--pretty and vacuous. Blaise always does prefer them empty-headed.”

"Palindrome," Draco/Su Li flirtation, G. This Draco (dm1980) and Su Li (androgynous88) are from “People Like Us.”
“You know what today is?”

Su Li looked up from the crossword puzzle in the newspaper. Draco sounded excited, as if it was someone’s birthday or anniversary.

"Candyfloss," Draco/Ginny in this drabble. Prequel to "Runaway Heir" (Humor Draco/everyone, includes H/D and Draco/Charlie).
The novelty of his red-haired lover had not worn off for Draco. He secretly thought that the freckles adorning Ginny’s nape were cute—although his constant licking of that patch of skin probably gave him away.

HP one-shots with planned sequels:

"Love Hopes All Things," One-sided (?) Lily/Scorpius and Albus Severus/Scorpius, shades of Harry/Draco.
Harry quickly came to a decision. If Scorpius Malfoy is what Lily and Al need for a dose of holiday cheer, then Scorpius Malfoy they will get.

“So what do you think of inviting Scorpius over for Christmas?”

Al promptly knocked over his glass of pumpkin juice.

“Really, Dad?” His eyes were huge with barely concealed excitement. Sighing inwardly, Harry nodded and threw his napkin at the spreading orange stain.

Even James didn’t complain that he wanted to invite his best friend over, too. All three of his children had become Malfoy groupies and he wasn’t even aware of it happening.

"Love, Accelerated," Albus Severus/Scorpius, sequel to "Love Hopes All Things" above.
James' portion in life, it seemed, was to make sure that his younger brother didn't make too much of a fool of himself.

Currently Al was dithering in front of the train door, looking as if he was about to expire from happiness at any moment. James had a flashback of an overexcited seven-year-old Al holding up the line at the Disneyworld entrance.

"Do you think Score is on the train yet? I didn't see him on the platform, did you?" Al babbled. "Maybe I should wait for him on the platform—" he made to step off the train, but James firmly shoved him through the door.

"Shut up and get inside, Al. You and Lil have been plaguing me with your Malfoy fever for the entire summer." James steered his younger brother past filled compartments to the end of the train.

"The Sounds of Water," Draco Malfoy gen, PG-13.
Summary: Draco wished fervently for those days when lack of visitors his own age was his only concern.
Safe in his dorm, Draco pressed his cheek against the stone wall and closed his eyes. The cold made him feel alive; it brought to mind green lake water and the childhood friend who shared his dream adventures.

In the Common Room, Prefects were plying distraught First and Second Years with hot chocolate.

Faint in his bones, he could still feel the despairing cold left behind by the Dementors. Rubbing his hot eyes with tremulous fingers, he released a sigh.

"Of Malfoy Possessions," H/D creature!Draco fic.
Summary: Harry Potter has natural immunity against Imperius, love potions and Veela allure. Draco Malfoy is the media darling.
Malfoy scrunched up his nose in distaste. Harry heroically did not find it cute.

“Potter, if I’m ever desperate enough to proposition a Hufflepuff, I would pick—” He paused to consider. “Smith is not unattractive, but that would involve a bondage threesome with Millicent, so that’s out of the question. There’s that Diggory, I suppose.” Malfoy tapped his lower lip as if he was seriously considering necrophilia. “Hmm…”

Harry took it all back. If Malfoy could smile at the thought of doing the dirty with unsuspecting Hufflepuff corpses, then he was surely not above sacrificing pet Kneazles to appease the vengeful spirits. Or something.

"How to Obtain a Companion," H/D adaptation of the J-drama Kimi wa Petto (You are my pet). Mild R for cursing and sexual situation.
Summary: How one Draco Malfoy came into the company of one Harry Potter.
With relish, Harry crossed his arms and smirked down at Malfoy. “I don't need any of the things you could offer me, Malfoy.” Acting as if he was giving the offer some consideration, he said in a thoughtful voice, “I do have an opening for a pet though. But last time I checked, you're not a furry animal in disguise.”

When Malfoy didn’t say anything, he continued, “You should be well enough to leave in two days. In my boundless generosity, I’ll even throw in a robe and a one-way fare for the Knight bus.”

To his shock, Malfoy pushed himself off the sofa and got down on his knees.

"Dragon Dreams," a Harry Potter fairy tale. H/D, the first of a trilogy. The next fics are "Interlude," "Dragon Rose" and "Dragon Flies."
THERE was formerly a pure-blood couple reigning over Slytherin House, who, upon the completion of their studies, formed an advantageous match with their parents' approval. It was a turbulent time, and so they were not sorry at all that they had no children; on the contrary, they employed charms and potions to ensure their childlessness.

"People Like Us," Draco and Su Li gen, prequel to "Miracle Drug."
“The plane’s getting ready to leave the ground. You better fly.”

"D is for Draco," Draco gen, backstory to fire_jasmine. The companion is "C is for Castles."
The first magic in Draco’s memory was the ever-changing ceiling of his nursery.

"Tale of Houses Four ~ the Every Flavor Beans version," bean/bean, PG-13 for gayness warped worldview, 535 words with pictures.
Gryffindor beans get a bigger, unique bowl due to discrimination because they are spehshul.

That green speckled bean is one Harry Potter, who was a liar and in denial that he belongs in Slytherin bowl chose to be in the Gryffindor bowl because of UST with Draco two boys that he met on the train.

HP stand-alone one-shots:

"Twenty Things about Scorpius Severus Malfoy," Scorpius gen, AS/S pre-slash.
:1: Scorpius got his first name from his grandfather, his second name from his father, and his Chinese name from his mother. He was profoundly glad he was not named after a flower.

:2: Scorpius was born with dirty blond hair and light brown eyes. His father worked a spell that lightened his hair to white blond as he grew up. His mother drew the line at changing his eye color. “If you change his eyes, you might as well change his soul.” His father didn’t argue after that.

"Twenty Things about Albus Severus Potter," AS/S pre-slash.
:3: When Albus was seven, he became jealous of all the extra attention showered on Lily. He quickly determined that Lily always got more presents because she was a girl. On Christmas morning, he woke up, tied ribbons in his hair, and put on a red dress.
His parents’ stunned reaction was eclipsed by Lily’s terrible tantrum—she had wanted to wear her favorite dress for Christmas.

"Love Bites," AS/S, implied past H/D.
So his plan to ask James for advice was a total wash. And since Albus would rather talk to Severus Snape’s painting than his father about the joys of gay sex, that left him with only one recourse. He’d have to consult the self-proclaimed fag hag of Slytherin.

"Let me get this straight—so to speak." Primrose Parkinson smirked.

Albus set his expression to long-suffering innocence, just in case this evoked the first stirrings of charity in her heart.

"Five Things about Blaise Zabini," Blaise Zabini gen.
:1: Mr Zabini was over the moon when he learned that his wife was pregnant. Blaise was such a beautiful and perfect baby that Mrs Zabini, in a fit of sentimentality, decided not to poison her favorite husband.

Blaise's father died in a hunting accident when Blaise was four.

"Eight Things about Su Li," Su Li gen.
:5: Until she was ten, Li's hair used to fall to the middle of her back. One day this horrid six-year-old Muggle boy (they lived in a mixed Muggle-Wizarding neighborhood) spat chewed bubble gum to the back of her head.
Rather than ask her mother to spell the gum out, she took the problem in her own hands--with the help of a pair of kitchen scissors.

"The Silent Son (The Unutterable Words Remix)," Regulus and Sirius gen. Summary: The younger son was supposed to do a grand, stupid gesture in his youth.

“You are no son of mine!” Father’s words, never more heartless than today, rang with finality.

Rooted in his seat, Regulus watched helplessly as Sirius left his place at the dining table. On the mirror, he watched his brother's reflection walk out the front door. He hadn’t even spared a glance at his prized Nimbus next to the umbrella stand.

"Green Eyes," H/D pre-slash, a HP adaptation of "The Frog King."
IN THE OLD times of the previous century, there lived a rich pure-blood family whose descendants were all fair. However, the current heir was so fair that he would not hesitate to hex the sun itself if it dared shine in his face—or anywhere on his skin, for that matter.

"Seven Quirks about Draco Malfoy," Draco Malfoy gen.
:1: When I was six and just had my toy broom, I used to imagine that I was flying over the Saharan desert. Once I borrowed my mother's blue robes because they fit my idea of what an Arabian Wizard would wear. I couldn't get off the ground because the robe kept on snagging at the broom bristles.
In the subsequent struggle, I might have broken a vase. Or two. Sorry, Dobby.

"Seven Quirks about Lucius Malfoy," Lucius Malfoy gen.
:3: I have different black velvet ribbons for different occasions. Each has a different set of runes and spells woven into the fabric. My dorm mates assumed that I was just being fastidious about my appearance.

HP crossovers:

"Namesake," Merlin/Harry Potter drabble featuring Scorpius.
“We have five Harrys and one Albus in our year. I suppose we’re bound to have a Merlin sooner or later.”

Adding a half-stir to his potion, Merlin Emrys gave a noncommittal hum.

Good Omens/Harry Potter drabble
“To reward all of you for being punctual to your NEWT Ethics class, take five points for each of your Houses,” said the man whose looks are vaguely reminiscent of Gilderoy Lockhart—were Lockhart to wear old-fashioned, somber-coloured Muggle clothes.

"When Harry Met Tenipuri Fangirls," crackfic prequel to "You've Got Fangirls," a HP/Prince of Tennis crossover featuring H/D, Golden Pair, and shades of Momo/Kai.
"As I was saying," Dumbledore said, smiling at the sea of students before him, "we are to have the honor of hosting a very exciting event over the coming months, an event that has not been held for over a century. It is my very great pleasure to inform you that two students will be representing Hogwarts in the Tennis Tournament this year."

*Close-up on the greatly annoyed faces of one Harry Potter and one Draco Malfoy.*

[Harry Potter gen drabbles] [Slash & pre-slash drabbles] [Het drabbles] [One-shots w/ sequels] [Stand-alones] [X-overs]

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